Stefan Zanotto
Stefan Zanotto
Stefan Zanotto
Bring light
into your life

Using the crystal portal to restore the primal inner strength

In a light-being correction, the crystalline structures in the body, mind, and soul are interconnected, offering a unique energetic healing method.

Through the portal, coupled with my clairvoyance, I discern where the crystalline connections in the body, mind, and soul have separated, allowing me to restore them. Often, soul fragments remain anchored in past reincarnations or in places like a former home. By retrieving these fragments, I can restore their origin, harmonizing both the primal male and female strength to ensure stability. In doing so, I can also identify health issues that arise from these missing connections.
I possess the ability to delve into the various fields of the portal, and thus of the light-being, and see where connections are broken to reunite them.
Imagine a crystal sculpture: when it falls, it can shatter into countless pieces. Similarly, we light-beings can become fragmented. While we might manage to reassemble some parts, the individual pieces may no longer be seamlessly interconnected. My role is to restore these connections, enabling the harmonious flow once more.

Does the following sound familiar to you?

Do you feel sluggish and devoid of energy even though you've had enough sleep?


Do you feel like you're not evolving or that you're not good enough?


Are you facing health issues, and medical treatments don't seem to help?


Are you constantly worried about your future or your family?


Is your relationship no longer harmonious, losing its joy and lightness?


Can't you let go of someone or move on from the past?

Blockages and connection disruptions are often the cause of such physical and mental imbalances. They can originate from the present, the past, or can be transferred onto you from other beings of light. I identify where these blockages are and assist you in allowing your energy to flow again.