Stefan Zanotto
Stefan Zanotto
Stefan Zanotto
Bring light
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Room correction and cleansing for living and working spaces

Enhance well-being, focus, and balance in your home and workplace through energetic feng shui and the creation of crystalline connections.

Do you often feel uneasy or unable to relax at home? Do you suffer from sleep problems or find it hard to concentrate at work? If so, it might be that blocked energy in your living or working space is affecting your well-being.

As a trained feng shui consultant and crystal keeper, I understand how room energy can significantly influence the well-being and performance of its occupants. Crystalline connections are not only inherent within us as light-beings but also exist in materials like wood, stone, and glass because of their crystalline structures. A room with balanced energy, where these connections flow freely, encourages harmony and positivity. In contrast, a room with blocked energy can lead to stress and dissatisfaction. With my ability to restore the crystalline connections in rooms and even outdoors, such as in gardens, I can help you create positive energy around you. In some cases, disturbances in a room’s energy can be attributed to departed souls who haven't yet found their way to the light. By releasing these souls, I can ensure that energy flows freely and undisturbed.

Energetic room correction can not only improve your living and working spaces but also support your physical and emotional health. The intact crystalline connections help you feel comfortable in your surroundings, enhance your creativity and concentration, and promote restful sleep.

Does the following sound familiar to you?

Do you feel sluggish and devoid of energy even though you've had enough sleep?


Do you feel like you're not evolving or that you're not good enough?


Are you facing health issues, and medical treatments don't seem to help?


Are you constantly worried about your future or your family?


Is your relationship no longer harmonious, losing its joy and lightness?


Can't you let go of someone or move on from the past?

Blockages and connection disruptions are often the cause of such physical and mental imbalances. They can originate from the present, the past, or can be transferred onto you from other beings of light. I identify where these blockages are and assist you in allowing your energy to flow again.