Stefan Zanotto
Stefan Zanotto
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Practice for energy work in South Tyrol, Italy – Stefan Zanotto

As a clairvoyant, spiritual healer, and feng shui consultant, I offer both personal consultations in my studio and distant healings.

I established my studio in Appiano in December 2022. For those seeking a more personal consultation and a richer experience, I recommend attending in person if possible. However, for those unable to visit, I also provide phone consultations. Your physical absence doesn't hinder my work, as I receive all necessary information due to my clairvoyant abilities. Regardless of your age or appearance, I only perceive the energy you’re open to share. Therefore, the effect of the session is the same.
Your fears, problems, or illnesses are treated with the utmost discretion, and I deeply appreciate the trust you place in me.

Does the following sound familiar to you?

Do you feel sluggish and devoid of energy even though you've had enough sleep?


Do you feel like you're not evolving or that you're not good enough?


Are you facing health issues, and medical treatments don't seem to help?


Are you constantly worried about your future or your family?


Is your relationship no longer harmonious, losing its joy and lightness?


Can't you let go of someone or move on from the past?

Blockages and connection disruptions are often the cause of such physical and mental imbalances. They can originate from the present, the past, or can be transferred onto you from other beings of light. I identify where these blockages are and assist you in allowing your energy to flow again.